Updated: March 10, 2014

Since publication, Mikaela Saccoccio left the workshop.

Full Workshop - Local Artists

From the auditions in January 2014, choreographer/director David Gordon has selected the Philadelphia participants for his POLITICAL SHENANIGANS: dancing w/ Brecht & Eisler Workshop, being held at Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater under the auspices of Susan Hess Modern Dance.

Local artists filling cast roles for the workshop are actress Dawn Falato, dancer Germaine Ingram, dancer and performance artist Rhonda Moore, dancer Jumatatu Poe, and dancer Marcel Williams Foster.They will be joined on occasion by Megan Bridge, dancer and co-director of Philadelphia’s <fidget>, who is assisting Gordon over the month.

Performers filling ensemble roles are Melissa Amilani, Kelsey Holley, Kalila Kingsford Smith, Ibrahim Miari, Mikaela Saccoccio, and Hannah Sandler.

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Beginning March 5, the Philadelphia artists will work for three weeks with actress/dancer Valda Setterfield, musician Gina Leishman, and actor David Skeist of Gordon’s Pick Up Performance Co(s), as Gordon develops his piece. Workshop sessions are closed, but the public is invited to see material from the work-in-progress at open rehearsals on Saturdays, March 8, 15, and 22, 2014.