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“If I catch you putting a water bottle on the piano, I will kill you … no liquids anywhere near a piano,” musician Gina Leishman warned Philadelphia cast and ensemble participants getting ready for run-through.

This is the rehearsal observation experience: seeing performers coming to terms with text, movement, props, singing – and rules – as they get better acquainted with choreographer/director David Gordon, Pick Up Performance Co(s), and the forebears of Gordon’s POLITICAL SHENANIGANS: Bertolt Brecht and Hanns Eisler.

Four days into this new relationship, the local artists from theater and dance, along with a core of Gordon’s company members including Valda Setterfield, worked on a selection Saturday and presented it at the 1st Open Rehearsal at Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater. Visitors to the informal event stepped into their working world: questions, refinements, errors, images, choreographed scenery, sound – all the aspects that represent a David Gordon work-in-progress.

Audience also received glimpses of the piece Gordon is shaping. As he reworks Michael Feingold’s translation of The Roundheads and the Pointheads, Gordon brings out not only Brecht’s story, relevant in America today as it was in 1933 Berlin, but also his own archival reflections.

The next two weeks promise an intriguing journey into the lands of Yahoo and creative development.

The 2nd free Open Rehearsal of the
POLITICAL SHENANIGANS: dancing w/ Brecht & Eisler Workshop
runs from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 15,
at Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater.

Open Rehearsals are informal; visitors are welcome to come and go as is convenient.
No photography is permitted.

Register here for Open Rehearsal #2.

Eventbrite - Open Rehearsal #2: David Gordon's "POLITICAL SHENANIGANS" Workshop